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13 Tried and True Social Media Content Ideas (with examples)

I've noticed so many business owners throwing up their arms in frustration. The worsening trend of poor Facebook reach on business posts is not fun. With Instagram introducing news feed algorithms, it's only matter of time before it follows suit.

What's a business to do?

Content Is King.

Gone are the easy days, when you could put up a product photo and get amazing reach. Now it's time to create amazing content. The best way to drive engagement is bringing value to your customers.

Be Interesting.

Be Helpful.

Be Relevant.

Bring Value.


I have a few ideas to get you started.

13 ways you can bring value to your customers, generate interaction and boost your reach.

This isn't a list with quick fixes like "ask a question". This isn't news about the latest changes in the social algorithms and what type of content they give priority to and what times are best to post. Although these are part of your overall strategy, this post specifically focuses on creating content.

Your own content that your followers will love to read and keeps them coming back for more. This is for businesses who sell products, but services may find they can adapt a few of the ideas.

This is about establishing yourself as an authority in your products arena.

This is about building value for your customers.

Let's get into it.

1) Show me behind the scenes

Share how your product when from concept to finished product - people love to see the process.

I recently sat through a 5 minute video of how a piece of wood transforms into a finished pencil in a factory. That is probably boring to those who work in that factory, but I had no idea how it was done. It was so fascinating!

Use sketches, videos and photos. Behind the scenes is best shown, rather than told with words alone. Show detailed close ups and swooping wide angles. If you sew, get in as close and you can to the needle going into the fabric, show a wide view of the whole room you work in. Mixing up the type of video or photos you present gives your customer a richer experience.

What parts of your process can you share with your customers?

Aren't they beautiful?! Last night it took me THREE hours to cut these out, clip the curves and turn them out!...

Posted by Whatakrakka Fancy Pads on Tuesday, 9 May 2017

2) Show me how to use your product

A demonstration is a great way to remove any confusion. Photos and/or videos are a great way to show your product in action. Maybe you have multiple products which have slightly different purposes. It's cool for customers to see your product in action. This is a great guide for creating a video demonstration.

Get specific.

If you provide skin care products, what type of ingredients work best for which skin.?

Do you sell clothes? Which colours, lines or patterns work best for what body type or skin colour?

Toys? What sort of toy is best for which age? Be sure to include references to an authority on child development and how your toy fits the criteria.

Are there any unexpected ways to use your product?

How can you tell your customers more about how to use your product?

3) Tell me more about your product

Go in depth about specifics. If you sell skincare, pick an ingredient and show how it goes from its base form to ready to add to your cream.

Do you sell clothes? Where does cotton come from and how is it processed into fabric. How are fabrics dyed? How is a needle made for a sewing machine? A brief history of the humble sewing machine, including historic photos and ending with the one you have in your sewing room. Keep it light, keep it interesting.

Personalised items? Tell me the story behind a piece. It's even better if you have a photo of the finished product in its new home, used with your customers permission.

Jewellery? How does the metal go from in the ground to around my neck?

What specific part of your product can you show your customer in vivid detail, loaded with info?

4) Tell me a story

Share personal stories or anecdotes. For a blog - really share the details of the moment; paint the scene with words and pictures if you have some. Tell the emotion of the story, you want readers laughing or crying along with you. Be honest. Be open. Be interesting. Make it personal, but don't make yourself too uncomfortable, it's still the internet.

Do you have a hidden addiction? I'm not talking serious stuff here, but maybe you can't resist a sale at your fav shop. If you sew, maybe you have a slight fabric addiction and you spend more at spotlight than you should. A shopping addiction will likely resonate with your audience. Keep it light. Keep it fun.

Do you have anything in your home life that could help your customers? Maybe you have a way of doing housework efficiently.

Maybe you hired a cleaner, share how it has helped.

What was the cost like expectations vs reality?

What is it like to have them in your house?

Do they do a good job?

Do they have any quirks?

Are you happy or disappointed with your decision?

What advice can you give to a customer who hasn't hired a cleaner before that could make it easier for them?

Do you have any interesting stories about your life you can share with your customers? If not, start to look for them in your day to day life.

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Posted by The Little Kakapo on Saturday, 27 May 2017

5) Show me how to care for your product

Tell your customers the best way to care for your products, whether it's a cleaning guide or the best way to store it.

6) Show me how to do the basics

Do you sell skincare? Share a gentle face wash recipe readers can use at home. List the best brands for each ingredient and use lots of photos or a video. Tell readers the best time of day to use a face wash, what to follow up with (One of your face creams maybe, keep hard selling on the down low). List the benefits of washing your face with that recipe.

Bonus: useful and well crafted recipes and DIY advice are often shared.

What DIY basics can you offer your customers?

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7) Show me someone using it

Do you have clients posting photos of your product in their home or business?


Message them and ask if you can use it for promotional purposes. Have them fill out a model release form if there are people in the photo.

Don't have any?

Run a comp on your page where customers send in a photo of your product in use.

Choose 3 winners; each gets a chocolate care package. Chocolate is a pretty solid motivator and having 3 winners gives you a few to use for promotion.

Make sure it's clear in your terms and conditions that the winning photos will be used for promotional purposes and that by entering they agree to the terms and conditions.

How can you show customers happily using your product?

8) Tell me what you think.

Share your perspective on trending news in your field. Controversial or funny topics work well, stay true to yourself and you'll be fine.

Create a review of a product that is complimentary to yours.

Selling clothes? Review some fantastic earrings or the perfect shoes to go with one of your popular dresses.

Toddler toys? How about things parents of toddlers might be interested in, such as safety gates, books, a list of cool or unique places to take your toddler or a review of the latest kids movie and how your toddler reacted.

How can you share your opinion on things relevant to your customers?

9) Fix my problems

What need does your product solve? Remind customers about their problem and how your product fixes it. Include stories of how your product fixed the same problem for other customers too.

10) Answer my questions

Your FAQ is a gold mine of topics.

Don't have a list of FAQ? This is a good time to write one.

Think of all the questions commonly asked, if you are struggling, re-read customer emails or messages.

You can also create a quick and easy survey of what you think common questions might be, be sure to add an 'other' field and you'll get questions you didn't expect.

Google your product and see what common questions of complaints come up.

11) Show me your feelings

Brand feeling.

Post photos or content that you want associated with your brand. Nike, Frank Bod (Coffee) and Coca-Cola do a fantastic job of creating a feeling around their brand through images and videos.

Get on Pinterest or create a folder on your computer and collect images that fit the feeling of your brand. Make sure you pay for stock or use free stock if you want to use other people images.

You might be a word based service or product, don't let that stop you. Puzzle Beetle uses the same style graphics and adds humor and word play as part of building their brand feeling.

OK, I find this post particularly challenging... you too? 😂 😂 😂

Posted by PuzzleBeetle on Sunday, 23 April 2017

12) Shout outs

Do a shout out for another business, or have another do one for you. Make sure your audiences compliment each other. Networking groups like Network NZ are a great place to find other businesses to partner with.

13) Give me something for free

Some ideas you have down so far have the potential to be turned into free resources for your customers. Product care guides, recipes, how to etc. Use it as a reward for signing up to your newsletter.

Although I haven't specified newsletter here, you can use these ideas for your newsletter or a blog.

Bonus tip #1 Reactions posts

People love to give their opinions about things. But we are also kind of lazy. hat easier way than to vote with emojis or reactions? I have a post here which is loaded with tips on getting the most from your reaction posts and a video tutorial showing how you can create a graphics template for your post easily in Canva.

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Bonus Tip #2 Share your blog

Not just paste and link and dash. Try uploading a graphic or photo related to the blog with a short snippet of text. Something to entice the viewer to want click through and read more.

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What does re-purposing look like?

A behind the scenes blog post can show a detailed and visually interesting guide of the process from start to finish. From that you can create graphics by putting quote on photos about the process.

You can tweet key quotes from the post. You can shoot a video of the process. There will be something you can take from one topic to use across most media channels.


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