3 Steps to great Facebook link-share reach

We know Facebook really doesn't like links, because, well, Facebook REALLY loves Facebook!

It wants you to spend as much time as possible there, so things like links are shunned to the bottom of the newsfeed. 

What can you do?

Don't let Facebook 'populate' the link for you. That means, use a photo or graphic when posting. Then it is considered a photo post that happens to have a link in the description or comments

Time for a scroll stopping graphic!

Allowing FB to populate the link for you in often a reach killer. Unless the source is mega huge. So when sharing, I create a graphic like this one:

Here is what I look for in content when sharing:

It's such a great read, clear, useful and concise.

It's relevant and useful to my audience.

Candice over at Infinity Marketing published an amazing new blog about Google images. 

When I create a graphic to share content, I follow these 3 steps:

1 Use source content

Use the share sources content and branding (with their permission). Infinity Marketing has a stunning blue and used a striking stock photo for the blog post. These elements are a great recipe for a graphic that pops in a newsfeed.

2 Use minimal text.

I keep the text minimal (36%) for better reach. I just had the blog title and their logo on the graphic. I did a brief text intro in the description and tagged her business.

3 Link in the description or comments

I put the link in the comments below of in the description. I haven't tested how each placement affects reach and traffic, as with all things, try out different ways on your page and look at your insights to check how different methods stack up with your objectives.

Stay legal

You need permission before you use another persons content to create a graphic. You could create one, then send it to the person while making it clear you will not use it without their express permission. Definitely don't post it without their permission. 

Also, some people may already have a strong visual presence already, if that is the case, you could ask them if they have a graphic or would be willing to make one for you to share. Explain to them the reach on the post will better, meaning more people get to see their content.

What about your own content?

This is where you have some more wiggle room.  I write tip posts on my Facebook page, then copy that content and upload to my blog, adding details and extras as  I go along. You can do the same for your blog content, copy and paste into a post on your page. 

Use the 3 steps above message if your goal is getting people to your website. 

Copy the content if your goal is expanding your social media reach and building your presence. Always remember that if your website link is in your About section, it will be easy to find.


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