3 steps to a strong social media presence

Do you constantly hear you need a consistent visual presence, but aren't really sure EXACTLY what everyone is talking about?
I have for you, the 3 key ingredients for developing a consistent visual presence. Bonus - it's written in everyday English!

1 - Pick your colours

Number #1 for a big reason, colours are the easiest thing to identify at a glance. Even if you did nothing else, people would come to recognise your colours. I recommend 1-2 main colours. These will usually be your logo colours.

If your logo is monochrome (no colour), then you can have black and white for your look. If you have a monochrome logo, but want colour, spend time looking at colours until you find the one that feels right for you and your brand.

If your logo is multi-colour - pick 1-2 colours that you resonate with the most strongly.

I personally lead with my purple and use red and yellow as secondary colours.

2 - Choose your fonts

Choose 1-3 fonts that fit your brand. Font choice is a really tricky one. If you create most your designs in Canva, this makes it a bit easier as a lot of the fonts there are good. With script fonts, ensure they are still readable.

If you don't naturally have an eye for fonts, ask for feedback from others.

3 - Choose your photo style

Choose a colour/texture for the background of your photos, it's best if this works in with your brand colours. Test out different options and see what looks the nicest.

Again, if you don't have an eye for it, ask for feedback, either in a networking group like Network NZ or even ask your fans on your page or in your group.

If white works for you, keep your product backgrounds white and look for white space to take non-product photos, like your behind the scenes photos.

Edit the same way each time. If you use filters, use the same ones each time.


Once you have set your 3 elements, use them consistently. It doesn't mean you can never change anything again, but be careful not to change too many things too often.

Not sure where to start?

I can craft a beautiful custom style guide just for you

I can create a PDF with recommended colours, fonts and photo that fits your product/service and audienc. Get in touch for more info.

Photo from a recent photoshoot for Beauty Bliss


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