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Case Study: May the Fourth Be With You

This recent post for GuitarStudio-nz was a big hit for his first week.

Why was this post was this post so successful?

I’ll break down the 7 things I think helped

#1 On Topic: Star Wars Day.

Topical content, FB likes it because people like it. There are a lot of topical things and days out there you can use creatively to be fun or interesting. BUT choose ones with your ideal client/customer in mind.

#2 Unique - Custom made graphic.

I spent a good amount of time crafting this graphic on Canva. It has 3 layers to it. There is a millennium falcon in the background, which I found on google filtering by licence.

To do this, click: images - tools - usage rights - and I select "Labelled for reuse with modification" so I can change things about the photo, like put a colour overlay and use it as a background.

#3 Designed to be shareable.

I made this with sharing in mind. I asked Ian what musically could be done as a joke with the 4th, then created a high quality graphic in line with his branding. Topical and a bit funny are the ingredients in a lot of shared content.

#4 Activity selected - 'Watching: Star Wars'.

I noticed if I select a popular activity (like shopping) my post gets more reach, so I have been experimenting with different ones to see how they affect reach. I would say this played a part in this posts success, if at the very least to reinforce what the post was about.

#5 Hashtags.

I don't know where FB sits on Hashtags at the moment, I tend to use a couple where it feels right. I used 2 here, both about Star Wars. I don't know how much they helped, or hindered, but I will continue to use them for now.

#6 We promoted the post, the effective way.

I pop into Social Media Examiner fairly often and read this incredibly helpful post.

In the section titled "Organic Reach", they recommend waiting for content to gain traction first, before promoting. So I waited for this post to gain some organic traction.

After a few hours, I went into ads manager did a promoted post. I put $6 on it, targeting people in NZ in a certain age range, who are interested in learning to play the guitar AND (using narrow audience) interested in Star Wars. I set it to run for 24 hours.

When that ended, I did the same for the US market (which is who we are working to get in front of). This time $5 for 24 hours, to coincide with May the 4th over there.
#7 Last, but in no way least - Ideal Client.

This was post created in alignment with Guitar Studios Ideal client. We hired the wonderful Candice from Infinity Marketing to write a marketing plan for us.

A big portion of this focused on honing down on an ideal client avatar. You can learn more about ideal clients here on their blog.

Viewing every post decision through this lens has helped sooo much. I'd say the success of his page stems a lot from the solid foundations we built with Candice before launching.

I know we could have easily got better reach sharing something that had gone viral.

Here are the 2 reasons we didn't:

#1 It’s not Guitar Studio branded.

I would like Guitar Studio to get to a point where it's native content goes viral, then he gets all the reach and exposure. That exposure will lead to more clients.

#2 Strength of the newsfeed.

When someone visits Guitar Studios page, I want the majority of the posts they see to be branded with Guitar Studio and be native content, with carefully some carefully selected shares.

Side note

his page had 200 likes at the time this post was published and the end reach was 1,426 - the ratio was slightly more organic than paid. So it isn't all about page likes.
So my take away tips from this post:

Know your ideal client and create content that is appealing to them.

If you need product photos, graphics or lead magnets designed, please get in touch. I would love to see your business go BIG


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