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Newsletters - do I really have to?

Seriously, did I really HAVE to do newsletters on top of all the social media and blogging?

I knew the stats on newsletters were impressive. Every dollar spent on email marketing offers a return of $44, says ExactTarget

And if you are like me, starting with a free MailChimp account?

No money spent. Given I plan to keep my list small with engaged addresses, the only cost will be if I choose to add automation at some point.

  • If an email generates no sales or interest, all I lost was time.
    If an ad flops, I've lost time and money.

  • It's easy to DIY if you have the right info.

  • It keeps you in the minds of your clients at a time when that is difficult on social media
Check out the stats for industry standard open rates before you get into things.

So why didn't I do this sooner?


Not the time it takes to do, which I was afraid would be A LOT!

The time and mental energy I knew it would take to learn how.

I really wasn't up for thinking of 'stuff' to put in it either!
Nor did I just want to put things in there for the sake of having an email. I don't know if you've noticed, but I go all in when I commit to a new avenue.

So knowing I needed both instruction and motivation to get into this awkward and challenging task, I decided to buy this eBook:

MailChimp Newsletters: Content & Creation.

Written by Jackie Procter Copywriter and Flourished Outsourcing, I knew I was in good hands.

I bought this eBook for two reasons

  1. Paying for the info would motivate me to take action.
    I really do not like to waste anything, especially money! It isn't a lot of money, but enough that I would feel bad for wasting it. I watch my business investment dollars closely.

  2. I had no desire to spend copious amounts of time cobbling together info from around the net.
    Honestly, I tried back in 2016, and failed. I pride myself on my Google sleuthing, but far out is email is a minefield!

What did I find most valuable in the eBook?

  1. The list of topic ideas
    Number one by far. If you're clever, you can use it as a list for everything - social media, blogging etc.

  2. MailChimp Tips
    I was somewhat familar with he basics, but there were MailChimp hacks in there I knew nothing about, simple things to improve the experience for my clients when they read the email.

  3. Balance
    With each of the writers bringing their perspective (both what to do and how to do it) I feel like my bases are covered.

The results

I've started writing weekly newsletters for my business, and my partners. I chose to separate my list into product and service based business and tweak each newsletter, so the info is more relevant.

I've done two weeks in a row and feel confident going forward at this rate.

I've opted for short and useful emails and have a template saved in MailChimp to make the whole process faster.

Want help with your newsletters?


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