The Recipe for a Great Product Photo

Making a gorgeous product photo is a lot like baking a cake. There are your essential ingredients. Then there the less important, but really make the difference, ingredients.

If you have all the ingredients and mix it up *just right* - you end up with an exquisite and delicious cake.

Miss an ingredient, mix it too fast or cook it too long . . .


You have to chuck it and start over - what a waste of time!


  • 1½C Soft Light
  • ½C Brand Awareness
  • ¼C Background Choice
  • 1T DSLR Camera [substitute with a phone]
  • A dash of props


Gently mix the soft light with a generous helping of brand awareness. Your mix should be soft and true to your vibe. Next up, slowly and carefully mix in your well chosen background. Not too much, not too little. Now you need to grab your DSLR. If you don't have one, feel free to substitute with a phone. The results won't be as crisp, but it will do the job. Once you have a wonderful and well lit mix, add a sprinkle of props. Just a sprinkle.

The Icing

We love cake, but who doesn't LOVE the icing!

You'll need one photo editor and a steady hand. It's very easy to over, or under, do the editing.


If you burnt the cake - or it came out flat - hire a cake maker!

Disclaimer - I can't cook, don't *actually* ask me to make a cake.

Send in your products and I'll whisk up some lush photos you can use to delight your customers, the way grandma does with her sumptuous cake.

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