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3 Steps to great Facebook link-share reach

We know Facebook really doesn't like links, because, well, Facebook REALLY loves Facebook! It wants you to spend as much time as possible there, so things like links are shunned to the bottom of the newsfeed. ...

July 2, 2017

3 steps to a strong social media presence

Do you constantly hear you need a consistent visual presence, but aren't really sure EXACTLY what everyone is talking about?...

June 23, 2017

3 steps to choosing the right business service

Get recommendations. From friends and family first. Then branch out and ask in the many free networking groups on Facebook, like Network NZ. Ask for recommendations. Heaps of people will put their hands up, look for others backing them up. ...

May 23, 2017

Case Study: May the Fourth Be With You

This recent post for GuitarStudio-nz was a big hit for his first week. Why was this post was this post so successful? ...

May 17, 2017

Newsletters - do I really have to?

Seriously, did I really HAVE to do newsletters on top of all the social media and blogging? I knew the stats on newsletters were impressive. Every dollar spent on email marketing offers a return of $44, says ExactTarget And if you are like me, starting with a free MailChimp account? No money spent. Given I plan to keep my list small with engaged addresses, the only cost will be if I choose to add automation at some point. If an email generates no sales or interest, all I lost was time...

February 26, 2017

The Recipe for a Great Product Photo

Making a gorgeous product photo is a lot like baking a cake. There are your essential ingredients. Then there the less important, but really make the difference, ingredients. If you have all the ingredients and mix it up *just right* - you end up with an exquisite and delicious cake. Miss an ingredient, mix it too fast or cook it too long . . . *Disaster* You have to chuck it and start over - what a waste of time!...

February 13, 2017

3 Warning Signs Your Product Photos Are Hurting Your Sales (And how you can fix it)

Product photos are your customer's first impression. According to Science Daily, "First impressions are so powerful that they can override what we are told" This means a customers first impression of your product, which happens within milliseconds, will over ride anything they read about it. The most perfectly worded product description can't make up for the bad first impression of a low quality photo. What does this mean for your web store? Poor Quality Photos = Bad First Impression ...

May 23, 2016

13 Tried and True Social Media Content Ideas (with examples)

I've noticed so many business owners throwing up their arms in frustration. The worsening trend of poor Facebook reach on business posts is not fun. With Instagram introducing news feed algorithms, it's only matter of time before it follows suit. What's a business to do?...

March 31, 2016

3 Steps to hiring the right product photographer for you.

You've done your research. You know you need professional photos of your products. But in an ocean of choices, who do you hire? When you start to look for a product photographer do: Feel daunted and overwhelmed? Fell concerned about the unknown? Don't know what to look for? Worry about the cost or time it will take? You can do this, it will be worth it! I've broken it down into a 3 step process. The search for a product photographer can be easy and fun, well fun is a way of lo...

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