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Based in Hamilton, working with businesses across New Zealand.

I help small businesses craft a BIG visual presence through Product Photography and Graphic Design

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Product Photography

Product Photography on white
I've worked with so many clients who have wasted weeks or months trying to figure out how to take better product photos. They often wonder if it's their camera or maybe they need professional lights. Some had even hired a product photographer before with less than amazing results. Rarely the camera or amount of light is the issue, it's knowing how to use it. I can help you learn this and DIY your product photogrpahy, or do it for you.

Graphic Design

Great design goes hand in hand with great photography. Each build the strength of your brands visual presence. Think of the most popular pages you follow on social media, do you recognise their posts before you see their name? If so, they are consistent with putting across a certain image. The stronger that image, the more recognisable you are. This helps you grow a relationship with your audience. Build know like trust factor and watch your sales increase. I can help with your graphic and web design. Please feel free to get in touch.
Graphic design for social media

Website Design

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